StockViewer software has been built for using in Stock Broker houses. It will help you to display the latest offers, data and other indices of the capital market in a projector, desktop monitor or mobile device.

The StockViewer is a unique product which takes advantage of DSE real time data, .NET and Adobe AIR technologies to assist investors in a useful and stylish way.

The Whole Capital Market At A Glance

View the latest information of the capital market as it happens. The StockViewer provides the latest market data on best buy price, best buy quantity, best sell price, best sell quantity, latest trade price (LTP), yesterday closing price (YCP), highest price of the day, lowest price of the day, value, volume etc. of every instrument. Powered by an engine devised to provide real time data, the StockViewer delivers what it promises with 100% accuracy and zero time lag.

The StockViewer by Dimik Infotech provides a slew of customization options which gives a very personal feel to the user.

Highlighting feature - an innovative and exciting scheme for identifying latest trades.

The StockViewer also displays latest official DSE news for everyone's convenience.

Powered by Adobe Air technology, the StockViewer is accessible on a number of platforms; ranging from desktop monitors to large multimedia projectors. It works wonderfully as a suitable market monitor for top executives.

Get access to more data visualization like DSE Index Graph, top stocks of the day, DSE news etc. We have more features planned for our current and future clients including a website where stock brokers, share market investors and enthusiasts will be able to log in and view latest stock market data.

Free Trial Available!

We offer limited time free trial on the StockViewer.

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